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Fairbanks Open Radio syndicates content from

Channel Zero Network,

Pacifica Network Radio,,

and a healthy variety of independent producers from around the world,

including our own community.

Our local, independent productions proudly include:

Chopped Liver with DJ Rachel
Tuesday nights from 10 to 11, Sunday afternoons from 4 to 5

Investigations with Birch Pavelsky

Wednesday afternoons at 3
Replays on Thursday mornings at 3:30, Sunday afternoons at 2:30, and Tuesday mornings at 7

​Hammer Lane with DJ Daniel
Thursday nights from 8 to 9

Electric Avenue with DJ Kelly Green
Friday nights from 6 to 7

Radiodrome with DJ Alex O'Blivion

Saturday afternoons from noon to 2

QuantaRadio with DJ Hannah

Saturday afternoons from 2 to 4

Soulful Sunday Mix with DJ Motown T

Sunday nights from 7 to 10

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