Our Mission

Fairbanks Open Radio exists to bring independent, noncommercial,
listener-supported radio to Interior Alaska.

Our strategy is to educate, entertain, and mobilize our community
through operation of a low-power FM radio station.

​Fairbanks Open Radio shall be managed and operated exclusively
for educational, scientific, and humanistic purposes.

​We shall broadcast traditionally underrepresented perspectives
that reflect the principles under which we organize:

  • For an intersectional understanding of all manners of oppression

  • For the centering of unjustly marginalized people and ideas

  • For self-determination and nonhierarchical configuration

  • For direct action and diverse tactics of resistance

  • For egalitarian distribution of wealth and power

  • For local economy and fair, transparent trade

  • For factual accuracy and logical analysis

  • For worker solidarity and mutual aid

  • For social and environmental justice

  • For artistic expression.